for computer generated tape and cello

Swansong is composed as a mixture of free and algorithmic processes. The tape and cello both share a common source chord built from perfect 5ths (the tuning interval of the cello) separated by half-steps:


The tape part was created by many Markov processes running in parallel, all tracing various routes through the source cord with the fifth, half-step and to a lesser extent the minor sixth serving as focal points. The sounds on the tape are all created using Bill Schottstaedt's fm-violin digital instrument, which has the capability of almost limitless control over its spectrum. The little gurgly sounds you hear within the tape are created by Bill's frobber instrument, which basically emulates a noise bug in the original Sambox at CCRMA.

The cello part was created as a free response by me to the resonances found in the tape informed by several markov processes representing the cello; at times the cello and tape land on the same tones, at other times the cello is commenting on the tape or exploring a "conversation" between the very high and very low registers of the instrument.

Score: Score_Icon Audio: Su Lee, Cello.

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